AI Event Notification System

ICARO’s event notification algorithm is a result of years of research into natural language processing

ICARO’s Critical Event Notification System (CENS) is a unique real-time event identification system that identifies, authenticates, geo-locates and delivers intelligence relative to fast-breaking events on a local, regional, national and international scale.


A unique real-time key events platform using AI for personalized alerts​

Expansive Reach

AI and advanced machine learning scours, reads, interprets and analyzes millions of data sources in real-time​

Verified Details

Ensures that information comes from trusted sources, located in the geographic vicinity of the events in question​

Impactful Insights

CENS provides institutions with the accurate and impactful verified intelligence​ for their security and planning needs

Powered By TITAN AI

Prioritized event alerts empower clients with immediate action guidance.

Published events are assigned Importance Levels of “Information,” “Warning,” or “Critical” according to their severity and degree of immediate impact, providing clients with the insights necessary to respond accordingly​

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