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Seamless access to immersive and personalized multimedia experiences across diverse platforms​

Interconnected multimedia ecosystemS

Our content experiences transcend individual platforms, creating a connected multimedia ecosystem.

Deep Personalization

Offering partner-branded personalized content offerings across content verticals such as sports, news, entertainment, health, finance, and more


ICARO content experiences allow for fastest-breaking news capabilities and access to a massive content database from thousands of data sources

Data Insights

Comprehensive data collection creates content recommendations for users and unique sales and partnership opportunities for brands

Business Case in Partnership with
TIM Brasil

TIM News /

A white-labeled zero-rated app and web application with a suite of personalized media products featuring premium digital content from dozens of global and regional media companies and partners.  VOD, Live Streaming, Sports Scores, Data Rewards, and Zero-Rated features.​

In partnership with TIM Mobile, Brazil’s 2nd-largest telecom.

Addressable audience of more than 50M potential users

Dozens of Premium Content Partnerships

The TIM News video app delivers a personalized zero-rated experience with dozens of premium content partners and ICARO’s own generative AI media.

Optimize your business with ICARO’s AI media solutions.

Our AI-powered solutions give telecom and media companies the tools they need for new ways to monetize and engage their users and optimize their operations.